In House Shade Taking and Smile Design

Here at Toothworx we offer in-house shade taking and also smile design this not only allows us to record an accurate shade shape and contouring of the patients teeth but also offers the patient chance to meet with us and discuss their expectations. The key in Toothworxs view to fabrication of successful restorations is communication between all parties involved from dentist to lab, patient to dentist and patient to lab. By offering this service and by the use of high tech equipment we are able to ensure a successful outcome leading to all round positive outcome.

Here at Toothworx we use the latest software to communicate with our clinicians which therefore allows us the advantage of understanding what the patient requires.

We also offer the service of communication via email, phone, face time and Skype with patients that are unable to attend the lab therefore allowing them at any time to their convenience to discuss with our technicians personally.