Layered ceramic Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

At Toothworx Dental Laboratory our Zirconia Dental Restorations are designed using our Blue Light Technology D900 3shape scanner and then Milled In-House by our VHF CAM 5-S2 milling machine ensuring full control over the fabrication of our restorations With No third Parties Involved using only a very high-quality Grade Zirconia material which can be used for all types of indications ranging from single unit crowns to 14-unit bridges. The framework is designed to offer superior support to the layered porcelain optimising the materials strength and preventing the chance of fracture of the final restoration.

Once the framework has been milled it is carefully checked under magnification by our skilled technician before porcelain is layered to it using feldspatic porcelain to create a strong aesthetic final restoration.

All Ceramic porcelain layered Zirconia crowns and bridges provide outstanding translucent aesthetics, stability, biocompatibility and also strength.

The advantages:

• Superior translucent natural-looking aesthetics
• No ‘black gum line’ that can occur with other crowns
• Outstanding marginal fit
• Highly Aesthetic Restorations In all aspects of the mouth.
• Superior Strength over conventional restorations
• Less sensitive in the mouth
• Superior strength
• High fracture resistance
• Frameworks milled in Vita shades allowing total aesthetic control
• Suitable for full-arch bridge restorations
• Biocompatible and highly translucent for amazing clinical results
• Cad Designed Frame work to optimise strength and marginal accuracy
• Patients prefer natural looking restorations over metal restorations

Indications for Layered Zirconia Restorations:

• Highly Aesthetic Zirconia supported Crowns in the anterior and posterior region
• ¾ Crowns where aesthetic veneering is required
• Up To 14 unit bridges
• Bridges requiring the use of cad designed attachments
• Zirconia Maryland bridges
• Aesthetic Veneers
• Implant superstructures for single-tooth restorations (anterior and
Posterior regions)
• Implant superstructures for up to 14 unit bridges
• Screw Retained Implant Crowns And Bridges Requiring Veneering
• Maryland Bridges